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                Tianjin∩Instrument co., LTD

                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                Tianjin purui instrument co., LTD. And then the lee wave laughed division

                The company was founded in2010Years3Month,The company is located in tianjin binhai highㄨNew technology industrial development zone,The factory area≡Nearly5000Square meters,The main worry〇To save class medical equipment;Rapid test equipment;Rapid diagnosis♀Equipment;Food safety。The products of the company in the world leading level of high-tech products≡For the enterprise development direction,With new technology、The new technology、The new material、New products as the goal,Research and development、Innovation。
                      All illusions in strict accordance with the companyISO9001AndISO13485Set up quality management system,To regulate the management of each activity of the company;Set upA3Ufida management network,No like howls rolling spread out on net, office paper,To mention of high work efficiency;To protect its own intellectual property rights,To protect the company's products......

                News center

                Exploded in the crowd, however for you to provide the most professional dynamic hot industry,The latest new information I still take your life to smell

                News center

                Provide you with the most professional dynamic hot industry,The latest news and information should be a sound

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