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To all the staff of the third letter my dear colleagues:hello everybod!In zhenjiang founded JiuZhou the day of the year,I hope that through this letter,Allow all employees to further build consensus,Strengthen the resultant force,The implementation of the action,To enable growth,Promote further development of zhenjiang company。2019Years,Is zhenjiang company“Second startup,Reform of the transformation”A year,Too“Build a foundation,Strengthen the fundamental”The key to years。From last year's second startup called for,Zhenjiang company grasps“Maintaining stability、Reduce losses、The change of technology、Collect account
9Month18Day,China energy conservation and the ministry of water resources of the Yangtze river water resources commission(以下简称长江委)Held in wuhan“Grasp the Yangtze river big push to protect the ecological construction of the Yangtze river”Strategic cooperation forums,The two sides have a total grasp the Yangtze river protection experience、River basin management and pollution control subject carried on the thorough exchange platform for cooperation mechanism,And to sign the agreement。China energy conservation Yu Hong fai general manager,Yangtze river Ma Jianhua, director of the committee to attend the symposium。Yu Hong hui said,The signing of the agreement is general secretary of the in-depth implementation of jinping visit the Yangtze river and the important speech spirit“Grasp the big protection,Don't make big development&rdq
9Month5Day,State-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council jointly with the Shanghai municipal government signed to deepen cooperation in Shanghai to promote the implementation of national strategic agreement,To thoroughly study and apply jinping new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics、Implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the Shanghai's important speech spirit,To deepen the central Shanghai cooperation、To enlarge big state-owned enterprises、Realizing the reality of the high quality development in China,Strategic advantage to build new era、Better serves the national reform and development and global economic and social development。The political bureau of the CPC central committee、Shanghai party secretary li attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech。State-owned assets supervision and administration under the state council, secretary of the party committee、Director of Hao Pengzai signing ceremony speech,And deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Shanghai、The mayor should be brave to sign the agreement。Shanghai municipal committee、Presided over by the standing deputy mayor Chen Yin signing ceremony。Deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council、Party committee Ren Hongbin,Shanghai municipal committee、Vice mayor wu ching are introduced。
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